Creating a Rebranding Strategy for a Local Realtor

Client: Ryan Wentworth Properties

Ryan Wentworth has been a top-selling New Orleans agent since 2004. His main ask was for us to help him make his brand feel more welcoming and more informative, all while conveying to a buyer or seller that they can trust Ryan and his team to make things happen.

In order to accomplish this, we did a deep dive into what he wanted his brand to be, and determined that Ryan’s main goal was to stand out, because looking like everyone else wasn’t an option.
Ryan Wentworth PropertiesWe approached this several different ways. We revamped his typography, logo, and images. We made his website user-friendly and wrote the copy on his site to be warmer while conveying his expertise and knowledge of the New Orleans’ market. We also included a place on his site to showcase his successes and industry honors. Then, we provided Ryan with a tool kit of templates that he could use for other marketing tactics such as, postcards, print ads, digital ads, eblasts, yard signage, flyers, and more.

We’re really proud of the work we created for Ryan and his team. It was a completely collaborative effort that made the process not only easy, but also stress-free.