Creating a Drone Army: Showcasing Video with Web Design

Client: Quadrone

DGL Group is an innovative development company working to meet custom needs of clients and create next-level products. DGL Toys, a subsidiary specializes in fun, toy products from age 6 months and up. The unique products DGL produces brings out the kid in all of us and allows us to take creative license more freely.

DGL recently launched their own line of drones and needed a website with a fun, energetic “Intro” piece to live on site. The packaging for each drone was designed but they needed to bring that into the interactive space.

The video highlights different types of drones being used by a varied group of age ranges. We brought in our fellow Launchpad resident (and media company), Fat Happy Media to assist with the video production.

How we Communified it:

A WordPress site was set up for easy maintenance and updates. The Home page includes a product grid, highlighting the different styles of drones. The video draws you into the world of Quadrone by showing a range of people enjoying them. Each drone has it’s own page, including various product shots, features, and a PDF download of the manual.


DGL has a website they can showcase the Quadrone product line and add new units as they become available. “Phase II” is underway and includes more advanced drone products. Soon after realizing the value of Communify’s services, DGL commissioned new websites for other toy lines, including Gemlins, Roam scooter, and (underway).