Making Research Studies More Revolutionary using Modern Branding Strategies and UX Design

Client: ProofPilot

ProofPilot is a software company that provides expertise through a cutting-edge platform that makes running scientifically valid research studies and clinical trials easy across the globe. When ProofPilot tapped us to help, they wanted our expertise in developing a brand that presented them as a future-forward company compared to their competitors. Their mission was to turn research study participation into an entertainment activity by making it easy, rewarding, fun, and convenient to engage. The second phase of the project was developing the UX for ProofPilot’s platform which can be found here.

To accomplish this, we started by creating a new, modern logo and brand guide to convey a sense of possibility, reliability, and progressiveness. The mark itself is made up of visual elements that work together to create a cohesive brand message. We warmed up their color palette, pulling inspiration from vintage travel posters that resonated with the client, and implemented a style that was not only fun to look at, but also showcased the compelling images that related to the study while clearly displaying participant rewards.

The Results

Team members internationally finally had brand guidelines with which to expedite marketing efforts dependant on current events.

The randomized controlled trial process hasn’t changed much in nearly a half century. Planning RCTs are a nightmare. We tasked Communify with not only creating something visually attractive and easy to use, but to work with us to take a process that cost millions and took years – and make it as easy as creating a blog…they came through.

Matthew Amsden, Cofounder & CEO