Designing a Unique Website and Brand Strategy for an Event Production Agency

Client: AOO Events

AOO Events approached us to revamp their website (one that we had created 9 years earlier). While the old site served them well, the coding was out of date and the site was not easy to update. AOO had also grown during this time and now had a slew of bigger events, incredible images, and video to help tell their story. One of the main goals was to immerse the audience in the world of AOO by pulling them into these rich videos.

As we dove into creating this experience, we found that the old logo and color palette did not reflect their high-end event design capabilities. They needed something new to show potential clients and let everyone know what they are all about.


The site is always praised … pretty much anyone we send to it doesn’t need any more information as to who we are. The before and after section is probably the most valuable… It is a GREAT site and we are really pleased with it.

David Merrell, CEO/Creative Director

How we Communified it:

We collaborated with David and his team to completely redefine their brand, using their company values and competitive analysis as our guide. Communify successfully drew out their unique story to showcase what makes them special, through contemporary design & a unique web concept.

We started with a complete brand overhaul and redesigned the logo for web and print – something simple, elegant, and timeless.


The moment you arrive at the website you are immersed in the AOO world with a unique motion graphics piece featuring full-screen photos and strategic keywords including dramatic, cutting-edge and immersive. This is followed by a series of professionally produced videos highlighting key events for the company.

An interactive portfolio section allows users to filter events based on their reason for visiting. Knowing that a bride planning a wedding has a much different focus than someone planning a corporate event. We wanted to easily direct those two visitors to the correct information. Custom icons were designed for each section, along with custom social media shares for each event to help spread the word.

Before & After

One of the most striking features of the site, an interactive “Before and After” section showcases the transformative design of AOO Events.

The result is a super sleek website, unique amongst their competitive landscape of event production companies. Potential clients become immersed in beautiful imagery and can find everything they need to know about AOO in one place.

The success of AOO Events led to re-vamping the sister site, AOO Floral. Showcasing gorgeous photography again with full-screen images of floral designs, both sites share a common sensibility, but are unique to their audience.