We dive in heart first.

As creatives we’re sometimes goofy, sometimes wacky, and sometimes so focused we don’t even know someone’s entered the room. Because no matter what we’re creating, we dive in heart first, creating work that gets people smiling and engaging with a brand on a personal level.

Dustin Woehrmann

Owner & Creative Director

I landed in New Orleans and love this city full of culture and creativity. Love coffee. Love being creatively challenged. Have grown to like brussel sprouts. Get to know more.

Amanda Kaay


Design, illustrator, animator, these are just some of the hats I wear around here. I’ve painted since childhood and my lifelong passion for visual arts has never been stronger. Get to know more.

Phillip Dodson

Developer & Designer

When I’m not obsessing over UX, file-size optimizations or modular code, I can be found running through the park, reading my Kindle, or playing video games. Get to know more.

Beau Moss

Graphic Designer

When I’m not sitting in front of a computer working, I enjoy doing CrossFit, my “stories”, watching movies, spending time with friends, painting, and, most of all hanging out with my fat cat, Oliver. Get to know more.

Steven Cortese

Account Executive

Geography buff, Big Brother fanatic, unofficial world record holder for the fastest human crab walk. Get to know more.

Rachel Wilson


Rachel is a strategic copywriter with a knack for telling brand stories that get people talking, sharing, tweeting and loving the brands she writes for like New Orleans Office of Tourism. Get to know more.

Paul Morris


Specific interests include Linux systems administration, writing change-tolerant object oriented code, and automating processes. Outside of that, you can find me hiking, camping, reading, or playing (tons of) tabletop games. Get to know more.