Designing a Contest as Part of a Social Media Advertising Campaign

Client: The Giver

When the opportunity arose for us create a sweepstakes and campaign from top-to-bottom around the launch of movie, The Giver, we jumped (in color). It had to be something easy enough that anyone could do, but hard enough that people could not cheat the system.

We designed and scripted the campaign to include the movie’s themes: happiness, love, excitement, and color. We then leveraged the power of social media, specifically Twitter and Facebook. We also recreated the world of The Giver through an innovative hub that included weekly social media “challenges”.


Keeping consistent with elements of the story, we asked participants, referred to as “citizens”, to upload user-generated content designed to delight fans of the story and promote the upcoming release of the film.

A points system was implemented with a leaderboard; and prizes, including gift cards, destination vacations, and a delegation of charity donations were among the many rewards for successfully completing the challenges. Winners were chosen bi-weekly, and a Twitter voting system was implemented for the final, top 10 point-earners to determine the grand prize winner. The grand prize winner took home a $10,000 cash award AND won the honor of designating a $10,000 donation to the charity of his or her choice.


The Results:

748,672 Facebook Impressions
13,708 Submissions
4,400,000 Twitter Impressions
6,680 Users
170/Week Active Users (at least 1 challenge per week)